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GemStone Media

Producing Diamonds for the Soul

Meaningful stories enrich our lives like priceless jewels. They endure through time, cross cultural boundaries and inspire society, from the lowliest to the greatest.


Like precious art, cinematic stories intuitively touch our hearts. They emotionally connect with us at our deepest level, shedding light on the essence of our humanity. We naturally relate with the characters as they grieve tragedies and celebrate triumphs. They inspire us to keep going through the daily challenges we face. Stories are rich metaphors for life. 


GemStone Media is dedicated to producing quality stories of significance. We endeavor to create heartfelt films that raise meaningful questions on the search for life’s richest treasures. And to be effective in this pursuit, we adhere to the same four standards that measure the value of every brilliant diamond: Color, Clarity, Cut and Carat.

Color: Artistically beautiful, cinematic images
Clarity: Captivating storytelling that reflects the light of hope
Cut: Precision-crafted and masterfully executed productions
Carat: Weighty, evocative stories that bring value to life and endure through time
A beautifully told story empowers the viewer to accept and believe the truth even if it’s challenging.
~ Robert McKee

The GSM Team

J&S Colmar BW1.jpg

James & Sara Meyer


James Meyer began his career in Chicago as an Art Director in advertising with Leo Burnett, writing and directing TV commercials for Kellogg’s, Heinz and Wendy’s. Sara Meyer began her career in musical theater as a singer/dancer and on camera as an actress/model in Chicago.


Over the past 30 years, they’ve travelled to more than 75 countries, making documentaries and films honoring the people in those colorfully rich places. Together in 2006, James and Sara founded GemStone Media based in southern Germany. 


As seasoned professionals, James and Sara have produced more than a hundred productions, including filming in southern Sudan during a civil war with the honor of having it shown to the U.S. Congress in 1997. Some recent career highlights are writing, directing, and producing the feature film The Kingdom in the lush vineyards of Kosovo and The Traveler in the stunning Pamir mountains of Tajikistan.

Ryan's new photo BW.jpg

Ryan Lee Taylor — Writer/Director

As an American raised overseas, Ryan Lee Taylor’s unique life experience has enabled him to be a natural-born storyteller.

Ryan has dedicated his life to the study and practice of filmmaking, including intensive studies at the Colorado Film School. As a craftsman storyteller, Ryan is instrumental in the story development and execution of new GemStone Media productions. His passion for powerful and evocative filmmaking and his high standards for excellence help enable GemStone Media to produce groundbreaking and memorable films. 

Lisa Chapaitis BW.jpg

Lisa Chapaitis


Lisa has been prepared to be an effective film producer through her 20 years as a molecular biologist and 10 years as a hospital administrator. Her thorough training as a researcher, her entrepreneurial gifting, her administrative experience, as well as her natural people skills, enable Lisa to be highly effective in her role.

Bubke Portrait BW 2020 Tall.jpg

Sarah Bubke

Sarah has had a lifetime love of storytelling. With a degree in Digital Filmmaking from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Sarah has worked on both short and feature films filling such roles as Set Designer, Prop Master and Editor. She enhances GemStone Media as a well rounded filmmaker, assisting with story development and production, as well as post-production.

Adelynn Helms New BW.jpg

Adelynn Helms

Adelynn is currently pursuing a degree in Strategic Communications at Liberty University, while at the same time serving as an intern with GemStone Media. She assists GSM in Germany by using her talents in administration, marketing, creative problem solving, video editing, as well as her wonderful natural people skills to help GemStone Media reach its highest goals.


Mbretëria—The Kingdom

Hyjnesha ne Fron Kosovo








Accolade Global Film Competition 2017

Award of Excellence: Best Feature Film


Hyjnesha ne Fron Film Festival Kosovo 2017

Jury's Award: Best Feature Film


Christian Family Film Festival 2017

Best Inspirational Feature Film


Global Film Festival Awards 2018

Award of Excellence: Best First-Time Director


WorldFest Houston Film Festival 2018

Gold Remi: Christian Feature Film


Inspired Faith Film Festival 2018

Best Cinematography


Christian Life Int'l Film Fest 2018

Spotlight Feature Film —Unanimous Audience Award


Hollywood Divine 2018

Best Foreign Feature

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