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GemStone Media

An international, non-profit film production company reflecting light through story.

Like a dazzling jewel of precious worth, a well-told story
catches the eye, captivates the mind and impassions the soul.
In Development

In Development

Anja's Lament Poster GSM.jpg

In the aftermath of her sister’s suicide, a rising musician battles deep insecurity and depression, paralyzing her confidence and eroding her dreams for success. Her unempathetic father seems unable to communicate. Feeling misunderstood, she retreats into herself, struggling to find new motivation to keep living. Will history repeat itself?

Set against the backdrop of pristine Switzerland, this story addresses the modern depression and suicide epidemic that is sweeping the world today. Exploring the powerful themes of self-awareness, honesty and compassionate listening; choices that invite transparency and foster trust, this story unlocks helpful insights that can set people free from the isolation that cripples them.

This project is currently in development. Please view the proof-of-concept short film, Anja's Lament in the In Development section above. Contact us for more information.

Short Films

Short Films

Diamond In The Rough_cover thumbnail.jpg

Diamond in the Rough

Can we see behind the homeless face to have compassion for the person who finds himself living on the street?

A successful oil painter becomes homeless as a result of a tragic accident. In pursuit of acceptance, he uses his artistic genius to engage with those around him. Haunted by guilt, he seeks solace in a homeless shelter. He collides with his past when a compassionate patron of the arts and collector of Robert’s paintings visits the shelter that she sponsors.

Lost Sheep Thumbnail 2.jpg

The Lost Sheep

In the Yaghnob Valley of Tajikistan, a mountain dwelling family of shepherds discovers the joy of finding their lost lamb.

The Lost Jewel

A widow realizes a family heirloom is missing and experiences the satisfying reward of finding it.

Lost Jewel Thumbnail2.jpg